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Since 1982, The Hanmi Gemological Institute(HGI)'s reports of diamond grading and gem identification have been proven as the cornerstone of integrity and consistency in jewelry industry.
HGI was established on academical and scientifical base with passion toward diamonds and colored stones. From the beginning, our ultimate mission is to maintain the trust between client and jewelry business within ethical scope and international standard. Thus, we have
been acknowledged as the highest authority of the day by gem researcher and market member.

HGI's role is covering gem research, education, consultation. Thus we are acting as a information provider. Our staff are consisted of experienced, well-educated, and professional gemologists, studying continuously. We provide customer with whole service tested by latest modern gemological instrument.

HGI is linked with academical research and education of National Seoul University of Technology and Taegu Science College. so new researches from university laboratory are repeatedly reflected in the report issued by HGI.
Especially we reject to the evaluation of diamond and colored stones' values in order to preventing compromise from commercialism.

Currently HGI is acting vigorously as a member of various domestic and international meeting such as master valuer association, Gemological Society of Japan, the Korean Association of Crystal Growth, Korean Jewelry Design Association, and International Colored Stone Association.

HGI is playing a decisive role central hub among diamond, colored stones dealers, jewellers , and private clients from all over the place. Also, trying to satisfy all clients by carrying conviction to what they want to possess. Ultimately we will be on the cutting edge by means of sticking to impartiality.
Only endeavor and trust, we believe, take us far!